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You deal with powerful emotions by holding them in.

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Rams, on the other hand, have a shorter fuse and are prone to big explosions and fits of impatience. The good news?

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All of that intensity you both feel will make for red-hot desire Bulls are your exact opposite zodiac sign, and in this case, opposites really do attract. While some signs are scared off by your intense emotions, this sign loves to be on the receiving end of them. The two of you spoil each other and enjoy it. All is not hearts and rainbows between you two, though.

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You both want the upper hand in the relationship. When power struggles inevitably happen, you both make worthy adversaries, and the resulting emotional meltdown will not be pretty. In fact, you just may scare the heck out of them. You just may be too serious for a flighty Gemini, and they might be too flirtatious for a jealous Scorpio. Looking for more love insight? Scorpio and Cancer are both emotional Water signs, but you tend to hold in your feelings for different reasons.

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Leos are outgoing and flashy, often grabbing the limelight away from less showy signs. Scorpio and Leo are both Fixed signs, which means you can both be stubborn when you want to be -- and you often do. Virgos are more analytical and practical, and you tend to be more emotional and raw.

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  7. If you can both learn to accept the qualities that make you different, you will have a deep respect for each other. You can bring your Virgo into a world of increased feeling and passion, and you might learn how to be more logical and rational from them.

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    Although Virgos seem cool and detached, they can focus passion like a laser. If they shine that light of love in your direction, you two can have a long-lasting, happy relationship. Get your love questions answered now. A Libra can teach Scorpio how to find the perfect balance between head and heart -- if you can get past your differences. Libras approach life intellectually, while you see everything through the filter of your emotions. While Libra uses language and actions, you feel things intensely without finding it necessary to verbalize them.

    Together you can share a deep and abiding trust for each other. Your Libra, on the other hand, will be rewarded with a sincere and lasting love. When you meet another Scorpio, you may not like each other at first. The most important thing that you now have to remember is not to let anything intrude between you and your partner. It may be promises that both of you had made to each other but failed to keep; or it may be an old relationship or even interference from a third party.

    This is the time to concentrate on each other. Take the zodiac compatibility test to find out. Related Links.

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