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What are the defects in the horoscope? Overall, the horoscope describes the condition and direction of the planets at the time of birth, on the basis of which the future of the individual is anticipated. You can check your free online kundli on this page. It would provide insights about major milestones in one's life and the time frame in which it would happen. It also bolsters the fact that everything in life happens for a reason and everything in the universe adheres to the cosmic laws of the universe. Astrology studies the connection of life on earth to the cosmos.

Numerology: How Date of Birth Determines Your Future Success

Just like the effect of Moon on the tides and currents, our lives and emotions are being influenced by planets and heavenly bodies. A deeper look at it would reveal the scientific aspect of astrology and we would be surprised to learn how advanced a science is Vedic astrology which is being disdained and labelled as superstitious by some people nowadays. Daily horoscope predicts for today and tomorrow horoscopes by date of birth DOB was my discovery from Indian astrology in This authentic daily horoscope is based on Vedic numerology.

Read accurate daily horoscopes that predicts for today, tomorrow and everyday round the year.

What is Kundli?

Daily astrology of two consecutive days will help for future planning. We wish you have the same experience yourself going through our list of free online reports based on birth date astrology. Remember Me.

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New K. Old B. Raman K. Khullar Sayan. KP Horary Number A Brief Information: Birth date Astrology predictions are made considering various factors. Here are some predictions that give a holistic picture about an individual's life : Dasha Prediction: Time-duration or "Dasha periods", as the heavenly bodies convey and how they impact you because of their positions and these time periods, the reaction they have on your life, the direction they are bound to propel you in.

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Sagittarius Zodiac Sign: If you were born between the dates November 23 - December 22, then you have Sagittarius sign. Capricorn Zodiac Sign: If you were born between the dates December 23 to January 20, you are a capricorn.