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As you know, square means that we didi not finish something yet, and there is strong need to finish-unifinished from past incarnation which is today our soul memory. Mars left behind an oppositon with Neptune as welll as square with Jupiter , so after we spent a lot of energy for nothing 'cause we went over our limits , we might want to move forward too, and to focus on long waiting rebirth trine with Pluto in Capricorn.

Every 29 degree is very special degree cause it represents the result of one big journey from 0 - 29 of some sign, and it brings wisdom, in this case, we can speak about Virgo's wisdom- how to learn to believe and to have strong faith even you are so so alone Only if you turn off your mind and stop to think, which Virgo knows to do Too much thinking 'killls' the faith love The upcoming Full Moon at 21 Pisces 14th September GMT might bring to us he feeling that our body is tired, because we go too much over limits - Mars at 17 Virgo 11' is making an strong applying oppositon with retrograde Neptune 17 Pisces 12' and Jupiter at 16 Sagittarius 12' puts that opposition into mutable T-square, so some energy must free itself.

This is so clear image that we have too much over our back, that we are not grounded enough, that we 'fly' wit … h our energy, and of course, the outcome might be some health issue. Maybe mental work Mars Virgo we should blame why we feel tired and sick, but also we could blame too much thinking, e. The Full Moon in Pisces just crossed over Neptune, so the last memory of our soul is some deep silence, deep secret, as well as deep personal faith. The only problem might be Mars action across, from Virgo, which does not allow to our inner world to touch the silence and get the right answers.

There is some confusion, for sure Venus and Mercury are at the very end of Virgo, at 29 Virgo, which means that soon there will be some new talk between lovers, something will change, because Venus travels home, in Libra, and she might be much more happy within the sign of Libra, even soon she will run into square with Saturn, but both, Venus as well as SAturn are in their domicile signs, which makes that square somehow less heavy The Sabian symbol for the upcoming Full Moon is: A man bringing down a new law from Sinai interesting that the axis of lunar nodes goes over the degree of exaltation and fall of Jupiter- North Node 15 Cancer Jupiter exaltation , South Node 15 Capricorn falls of Jupiter.

Its peak touches the heights of divine awareness. It stands alone, solitary. A man, like a mountain, may divine a new insight while on the mountain. Then, he descends bringing his new gift to the world and to others. The challenge lies in how one introduces the new insight to others. One may be able to find receptive ears in those who resonate with the new 'law', the new insight, but it is unlikely that everyone will receive the new law easily In that moment the Moon will be at 11 Taurus, leaving behind Uranus, so some financial stress might be our past, because the first Moon's aspect applying will be trine with the same Saturn, so like we are going to reach a little bit much more stable situation regarding our money issues Aller vers.

Sections de cette Page. Plus tard. Readings in English as well as in Serbian! On Monday, 7th Oct, , our words might change everything Sabian symbol for 5 Scorpio read in the book the meaning for 6 Scropio is:"'A gold rush" Ambition Inspiration: A rush of excitement urges natural instincts in resonance with fortune's favours. Sabian symbol for Mars 2 Libra read in the book the meaning for 3 Libra , as dispositor of Mercury from scorpio is: "The dawn of a new day, everything changed" So, as we can see, our words will change everything Biography: Smiljana Gavrancic. Mars enters Libra on 4th Oct, GMT and it will stay in Libra until 20th Nov, when Mercury turns direct ; Mercury starts its 'shadow' period at 11 Scorpio, on 12 Oct, , turning retro on 1st Nov Mars in Libra does not have some big potential, because Mars is in its exil there.

In other words, Mars in Libra is not strong Mars, and all its 'weakness' it might manifest in the field of relationship… Lire la suite. Love, S. House launches formal impeachment inquiry into Trump! Afficher la suite. Read my new article on Kamala Harris, visiting my blog Smiljana Gavrancic est avec Smiljana Gavrancic.

Here, changes of previously agreed things are possible, for any agreement, any sig The Sabian symbol for the upcoming Full Moon is: A man bringing down a new law from Sinai interesting that the axis of lunar nodes goes over the degree of exaltation and fall of Jupiter- North Node 15 Cancer Jupiter exaltation , South Node 15 Capricorn falls of Jupiter Fire on the mountain The mountain reaches high towards heaven from a broad base firmly rooted on earth. Voir plus.

Her lover died, but she traveled to Rome, became a highly respected educator, and eventually was elected Pope. However, during the coronation procession she collapsed with labor pains, and her true identity as a woman was exposed. How she died varies according to different accounts—from instant demise after the birth, to being stoned to death, to being deposed and punished. Her child survived, and in the legend he was identified as the Bishop of Ostia, one of the diocese of Rome.

In Marseilles-style tarots of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the High Priestess wears a papal crown, but otherwise this learned woman is very much as we see her in the Rider-Waite card, seated and robed, holding a holy book. Choose three with your left hand and place them as shown. She bears the symbol of Venus on her shield, relating to her planet, Venus, and the Roman goddess of love. In pre-Roman times, Venus was much more than the ruler of relationships: She was the earth mother, nature herself. She is seated in an earthly paradise, where corn grows at her feet.

A river meanders then flows into a waterfall, forming an abundant pool. All the trees are in full leaf. This is summer, a time of harvest and plenty. The Empress leans slightly back, supported by a cushion and bolster, as if she has transplanted herself from indoors to her garden. While living in the material world, she stays connected to her roots and goes with the flow of life. Her pose and lose gown may suggest she is pregnant, and some decks show an obviously pregnant Empress.

While the High Priestess is lunar and virginal, incubating herself spiritually to connect with the twilight realms beyond, the Empress manifests her femininity. She is the solar, earthly, and fertile aspect of womanhood, also indicated by the rich yellows, reds, oranges, and green colors of her card. Her number, III, is dynamic and creative and stands for the triad of mother, father, and child. As the consort of card IV, The Emperor, the Empress also represents the wife and traditional relationships. As a mother, she represents the gateway to new life.

This also complements the Hebrew letter of her tarot partner, the Emperor, which is Hei, the window: two aspects of the house of the soul.

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On the Tree of Life, she is placed on the fourth pathway between the spheres of Binah and Chockmah. Binah is female intelligence, while Chockmah is male wisdom. The seeds of male and female within the Empress conceive new life. This is an auspicious card for children and families, showing harmony at home; if you are hoping to begin a family, the Empress symbolizes fertility and femininity.

Your creative projects thrive and you prosper financially now, too. The Empress is resourceful, so when she appears in your reading, you can feel assured that your needs will be met. This card, therefore, shows the influence of a nurturing mother figure who supports you. Harmonious relationships exist within the family. This may take the form of a controlling and disruptive influence at home. She can also show a creative block in your projects and someone who is needy and takes too much from you. The result of these challenges and demands is stressful, and there may be an impact on fertility if this is an issue for you now—literally in terms of conceiving a child or figuratively in terms of finding the time and peace of mind to grow an idea.

The number twelve signifies unity. The fate of her daughter, Persephone, was determined by Persephone eating the seeds of the pomegranate in the underworld see The Historical Empress. The seven pearls also link with the seven classical planets. It embodies the sun and the earth.

The Empress is ruler of her own land and is secure in her authority. See Venus above. See The Historical Empress. It was agreed that Persephone could return to her mother, but only if she had not eaten anything when with Hades. Alas, Persephone had eaten six seeds of the pomegranate the fruit depicted on the dress of the Empress. And so Persephone was allowed to return to her mother and the earth for six months of the year, through spring and summer, but cursed to spend the other six months of fall and winter in the darkness that was Hades—a metaphor for the rhythms of the seasons that the mother-goddess Empress embodies.

Now shuffle all the remaining cards and then cut the deck or fan out the cards facedown. Choose three with your left hand and place them around the Empress as shown. His beard shows he is a man of maturity and wisdom, a forerunner of the Hermit, the other bearded man of the tarot, whom the Emperor will become in later years. Yet at this time of his existence, he is still full of vigor and ready to take action to defend his realm, as we see from the battle armor showing beneath his robes of state.

His number is IV, for the four compass points and for stability and order. The Emperor is sure of his position, and he sits squarely in place on his throne of stone, high-backed and secure in a landscape that appears to be little more than barren rock. Yet the mountains, almost equal in height on each side, seem to protect him, and his throne, higher than the peaks of the rocks, suggests he is in control of this strange environment. A tiny river runs behind him, perceptible at the base of the mountains—a sign of the potential for growth and cultivation of the land as he directs.

And as the Emperor knows the boundaries of his territory, he is realistic about the sphere of his influence. He also maintains and defends his boundaries appropriately, through rational negotiation rather than force. In traditional societies, this sequence reflected power status, from mother under father and priest at the top, being closest to God. The Emperor and Death are the only two major arcana cards that show figures with visible leg armor.

He has fire and determination, the qualities of leadership. Another meaning of Hex is window, or portal, through which streams the light of consciousness. He is fully aware of who he is and of his place in the world. Placed on the fifth Tree of Life pathway between the spheres of Tiphareth, for beauty and rebirth, and Chockmah, male principle.

As the consort of card III, The Empress, he signifies the husband or other intimate partner who is constant and trustworthy. He is in control of his emotions, and comfortable with who he is. Less appealing, depending on your perspective, is his need for conformity. Although he may have ambition, tradition is essential to his happiness. As a general influence or symbol of the self he brings balance, security, and conventional values. He reveals mastery of life and control over territory, and predicts that problems can be overcome with careful planning and single- mindedness.

He shows a return to order, so his arrival in your reading is a welcome sign of improvement in your circumstances. You may also be offered protection from someone you trust; you can also trust yourself to make the right decisions. Be the leader. However, it is also important to set boundaries and protect what is yours. Loyalty in love. You can expect to have fairness at work and to be sure of your goals; you will either enjoy this new structure or feel it stifles your creativity.

Greed is another aspect of the Emperor reversed. Whereas the upright Emperor knows his boundaries, the reversed Emperor does not know where to draw the line and may use excessive force or persuasion to get what he wants. This card therefore shows issues with authority figures and other potentially domineering individuals who are run by their egos.

In Egyptian mythology, Khnum, an aspect of the sun god, Ra, was depicted with the head of a ram. Khnum was a god of creation, also known as the Divine Potter, who molded children from the clay of the Nile. The Emperor holds the ankh in his right hand—the hand associated with giving. In his left hand, he shows what he receives: the golden apple, symbol of love and sexuality associated with the Roman goddess Venus.

In this way the ankh and apple denote their relationship and the male and female archetypes. It shows autonomy and self-direction. The Marseilles tarot shows the Emperor side-on, just as we would see the profile of kings and other dignitaries on coins and playing cards.

Choose four cards with your left hand and place them around the Emperor, as shown. Wearing the papal crown and holding the scepter, he makes the hand gesture of blessing to two supplicants kneeling before him. He is the leader of the Catholic faith and symbolizes unity.

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  • He shows us the potential for integrating our internal and external worlds, bringing together body and soul, as well as our male and female self-aspects. As the priest, he officiates at weddings, joining two people together in physical and spiritual union. The Hierophant is also a symbol of education. Also know as the Priest or the Pope, in the Rider-Waite tarot, he is named Hierophant after the hierophantes, or priests who guarded the Eleusinian Mysteries see The Historical Hierophant. Through him, we may find and follow a higher path through learning. He may be a lecturer or inspiring leader, priest or magus, shaman or established esoteric teacher.

    The Angel of Temperance and the Hierophant are both channels for the message of God. This fixed sign of the zodiac has the attributes of commitment and loyalty, groundedness, and practicality. On the Tree of Life, he is placed on the sixth pathway between the spheres of Chesed, meaning mercy and divine love, and Chockmah, or wisdom and the male principle. Chockmah is also known as the Father of Fathers and points to the Hierophant as the eternal father-god, spiritual counterpart to the mother- goddess embodied in card III, The Empress.

    This is a time to develop emotionally and spiritually—to commit to relationships; to think and philosophize; and to become more spiritually aware. In this way, the Hierophant offers an opportunity to integrate mind and spirit and ascend to a higher plane of awareness. Day to day, this means nurturing your talents through learning and heeding good advice.

    While the Hierophant offers wise counsel, he does represent institutions and traditional values—which may be a comfort to you or a test of how much you are willing to conform. Even if his conventions are not for you, the Hierophant offers an opportunity to question and define your values.

    As a spiritual leader, the Hierophant shows you the path to follow in a community, such as joining a study group or class through which you may learn a new skill. He also represents good judgment and fairness: The Hierophant asks you to tune your moral compass, so if you have been questioning a decision, it is time to do what is right. You may be mislead by an incompetent or egotistic individual at work or on your spiritual path. This is the card of the bad guru—the judgmental teacher who is more interested in furthering his ambitions than supporting you in yours.

    In work, the Hierophant reversed can also show institutions that need restructuring: poor advice, mistrust, and wrong decisions with moral repercussions. Be a free spirit. Its three layers stand for the holy trinity. The fingers are part of the same hand and, like the crossed keys, illustrate how our known and unknown worlds unite. Hierophantes was also the title of the High Priests of the Greek religion of Eleusis, who officiated at the Eleusinian Mysteries.

    This was a famous initiation ceremony and festival that took place at Eleusis, near Athens. The rites were secret, but involved the afterlife and the retelling of the story of Demeter the grain mother and her daughter, Persephone, who was abducted by Hades see the Empress, page The Hierophant was always chosen from a family named Eumolpidae, who had a mythical ancestor, Eumolpus, whose parents were the gods Poseidon and Chione. The Hierophant was the keeper of sacred mysteries, and he was renowned for his beautiful and hypnotic voice—which perhaps explains the emphasis on listening in many Hierophant card interpretations.

    In early tarot cards, the Hierophant card was the Pope. For example, Jupiter replaced the Pope in the Tarot de Besancon of , and Bacchus, god of wine, is the Pope of the Belgian tarot of Choose three cards with your left hand and place them around the Hierophant as shown. The full sun beams behind a luminous Archangel Raphael, angel of love and healing, who presides over their union. The Lovers stand in the Garden of Eden together, yet the woman, Eve, is gazing up at Archangel Raphael, who is holding up his right hand, explaining to them that they will be cast out of the garden if they eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

    Their innocent paradise will end—a metaphor for the seeming perfection of a new relationship before we must negotiate the practicalities. The man, Adam—who could also be the Fool on his journey through the tarot—gazes directly at Eve. They may be called the Lovers, but they are not Lovers yet: See the clouds between them? The clouds predict the Fall and the hurdles they will overcome as their relationship becomes grounded in reality. All looks perfect in Eden, but Eve and Adam are only just about to recognize each other and know love. From this point onward, we know the snake will tempt Eve to eat the fruit, and their relationship will change forever.

    In the major arcana sequence, the Lovers arrive after card V, The Hierophant. One of his meanings is marriage and the integration of male and female aspects. After the Lovers comes card VII, The Chariot—we have made our love decision, and the tension released drives us forward. It is also associated with healing and so links with the healing Archangel Raphael. The Lovers is placed on the seventh pathway on the Tree of Life between the spheres of Tiphareth, for beauty, rebirth, and ascending consciousness, and Binah, for understanding, the goddess, and the female principle.

    The card can predict meeting a new partner or a career opportunity, and your choice now will have a significant effect on your future. In the upright position, the person coming into your orbit now has a positive influence and offers true love—provided you follow the guidance of your heart rather than your head. If you are willing to take a risk rather than stay with a safe choice, you may soon discover your own Garden of Eden, which is fertile and rich with possibility.

    If you are already in a relationship, a decision whether to take your partnership to a deeper level will be made. The issue that the Lovers card raises is your ability to make a decision based on your long-term future rather than short-term gains. In this way, you are being asked to make a mature decision that supports your true needs—respect, intimacy, love, and trust—and to connect with a partner who is emotionally available to you.

    An additional meaning of the Lovers card is a young person leaving home and making independent decisions. If you are single, love yourself first to manifest the right relationship when the time comes. Look beyond money to your future development and ambitions. A relationship is in crisis, and you may question your initial attraction as the values you once held as a couple feel corrupted. There may be inequality, betrayal, and dishonesty. The Lovers reversed is also an aspect of card XV, The Devil, which reveals lust, materialism, and addiction to negative patterns.

    Following the heart and committing to love as a life purpose heals us and heals others. It has twelve fruits representing the twelve signs of the zodiac. Married in , portraits of Bianca and Francesco were painted on the Lovers card, in which they are shown holding hands under a canopy decorated with heraldic shields and symbols with a blind cupid hovering above. The Visconti-Sforza tarots were almost a family album, featuring not only Bianca Maria and Francesco, but Bianca Maria again on the Chariot and Sister Manfreda, believed to be a relative of the Visconti family, as the High Priestess see page In the Marseilles tarots, which may date from the fifteenth century, we see three people—two women and a man in the center.

    In the tarots of Court de Gebelin Antoine Court, , which appeared in his book Le Monde Primitif , cupid favors the couple on the left of the card. Here, the central figure is a priest conducting a wedding ceremony. Choose six cards with your left hand and place them around the Lovers, as shown.

    With the city and its river behind him, he is about to move on; with determination and self-control, he will keep his vehicle on the road and be successful in his quest. At this point, his concerns are practical and material rather than mystical, yet he is aware of the heavenly realms above him, shown by his canopy of stars and the astrological symbols on his belt. The Chariot is a culmination of the cards that precede him, and some symbols from cards 0 to VI are included on the card as evidence.

    About to embark on a journey, the Chariot echoes the youth aspect of the Fool. The charioteer will soon find his karmic life path. To stay on it, he needs to draw together all his past experiences. Indivisible by any other number, VII is a number of unification, mirrored in the seven days of the week, the days of the creation of the universe, and, in classical wisdom, the then-seven planets of the solar system.

    The shadow side of the Chariot is ego—which leads to destruction, or the Tower. The crab has a shell, a protective vehicle for the body, like the chariot itself. The card also indicates the four fixed signs of Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus and their elements, which are symbolized by the sphinx. In the kabbalistic Tree of Life, the Chariot is positioned on the eighth pathway between the spheres of Geburah, power and destruction, and Binah, meaning understanding and the female principle or creation. This is a time for determination and focus as you travel in a new direction.

    A decision is made, and now you can begin to experience real progress in your affairs. Ready to take control and navigate your path, you are poised to learn as your horizons rapidly expand. Just as the charioteer has his wand to drive him onward, you will need willpower to fuel your desires. The Chariot can indicate a move or an important journey, and, on a mundane level, it shows you driving a car on your travels or getting a new vehicle. Following are some other possibilities: vU Home: Travel away from home is the focus now, rather than on extending or improving your home.

    You may also welcome travelers from other states or countries. Any disagreements with those you live with will be quickly overcome. Financially, you are on the road to success. This can show a person or event spiraling out of control. Ego is at work, and selfish needs come before the greater good, so the Chariot reversed can indicate recklessness and poor leadership. When the Chariot reverses and is tipped off the road, travel plans and house moves are disrupted or delayed. See this symbol on card X, The Wheel of Fortune.

    On his breastplate, the alchemical symbol of the square signifies the four corners of the earth. On the belt are some undefined symbols, believed to be signs of the zodiac. A laurel wreath is worn underneath it, symbolizing victory. In this card, the symbol denotes solar power and the conscious mind. Yoni-lingham: This Hindu symbol, under the wing emblem on the front of the chariot, shows the feminine organ, the yoni, and the male lingam, pictured joined to symbolize the harmonious union of male and female aspects. The charioteer of this parade of heroes was probably recognized by the Roman spectators as their sun god, Sol, shown by the bright yellow sunlight on the Rider-Waite card.

    The people of Renaissance Italy continued this tradition, known as the procession of triumphs, during which allegorical figures appeared in triumphal carts to represent all the major arcana cards. The Visconti-Sforza tarot of the fifteenth century shows a chariot pulled by two white winged horses and in it a queen resembling Bianca Maria Visconti, the woman in the Lovers card see The Historical Lovers, page Choose seven cards with your left hand and place them around the Chariot, as shown.

    She stays in control by holding her position, symbolized by the infinity symbol above her head. The lion signifies passion and base instincts, and the woman, civility. Although her position is precarious, she does not show fear. She communicates with the lion through her calm presence; she is not denying his power. As one of the four cardinal virtue cards of the major arcana sequence see page 75 , Strength implies a moral victory.

    As a mediator of opposite qualities, Strength is not dissimilar to card II, The High Priestess, who stands between earth and the spirit world; V, The Hierophant, who intercedes between heaven and earth; and VII, The Chariot, who precedes her in the major arcana sequence, in which the charioteer reins in the light and dark aspects of the self. Although apparent rivals, these opposites derive from one source and, like the yin-yang symbol, are in essence each other. This too is a card of hope and high intention. On the Tree of Life, Strength is placed on the ninth pathway between the spheres of Geburah and Chesed, meaning power linked with universal love and order.

    In Strength, we maintain order, despite the potential for chaos. Courage, determination, and patience are needed now, as it is time to get a situation—or individual—under control. You will need to act with grace and sensitivity, however, rather than using brute force. This is a good card for leadership, as it signifies you are ready to take on a challenge and stand firm; others may resist, but be consistent in your actions and results will come.

    In creative projects, Strength shows you taking a raw idea and developing it. You refine it without sacrificing its spirit or depleting your energy. This concept may take physical form as a document, piece of artwork, or prototype. On a psychological level, Strength shows the integration of masculine and feminine traits and finding balance between the two. In terms of health, Strength shows resilience and vitality, recovery from illness, and the willpower to break bad habits. You may need to take the role of mediator.

    This card is also a message of hope if your relationship has been tested, as the situation will soon improve. This can refer to you ignoring your instincts altogether or allowing fear of conflict to stop you from taking action. This avoidance is holding back your personal growth; in this situation, you can only learn through experience. Whatever you resist persists, so take charge and take on the challenge.

    Strength reversed is an obvious message about weakness, so be aware that indolence and overthinking can be more exhausting than confrontation. See this symbol on card I, The Magician. In alchemy, the lion stands for base matters that can be turned into gold, as well as enlightenment. Some are stories of healing, such as the fairytale beauty and the beast. Another example is the classical fable of Androcles, a fugitive slave who heals the paw of a wounded lion.

    Androcles is later recaptured and condemned to public death by mauling by a lion. Yet the lion Androcles faces in the stadium is his old friend, who recognizes Androcles and refuses to kill him. The slave is given his freedom by the Emperor of Rome, and man and lion parade the streets together in celebration. Flowers are strewn upon them—echoed, perhaps, in the rose garlands shown on our Rider-Waite Strength card.

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    In other myths, taking on the lion shows our power over nature. The Visconti-Sforza tarots of the Renaissance show Hercules with a raised club, defeating the terrifying lion of Nemea. The Griggoneur tarot cards of the mid-fifteenth century include an unusual Strength card: a courtly lady sitting comfortably holding a broken pillar. This was the border of civilization, so this lady and her pillar may symbolize the defense of boundaries. She is literally a pillar of strength. Choose five cards with your left hand and place them around Strength, as shown. Inside his lantern is a glowing star, a symbol of guidance that lights his way ahead.

    The Hermit needs privacy, time for silence and discretion, so he can think and plan. He may be in the wilderness, but this space is essential to him. Having learned the lessons of Strength, he takes time out to contemplate his experiences. The Hermit can be seen as the Fool grown, the youth now as an old man, and his arrival marks the near-end of the first half of the tarot journey marked by X, The Wheel of Fortune. In the second half of the major arcana cycle, the material world fades and the spiritual quest beckons.

    The Hermit needs time to integrate his experience in mind, body, and soul. Nine is also the last single-digit number in the major arcana sequence and a pause in activity before he aligns with fate, symbolized by the Wheel of Fortune. It suggests the Hermit has this attribute—perhaps he is a chaste monk. On the Tree of Life, the Hermit is placed on the tenth pathway between Chesed and Tiphareth, or love and beauty aligned with salvation. This card can show you enjoying solitude, as you need space to process your thoughts and feelings. The Hermit can show a physical journey, but more commonly he represents a state of mind in which you wisely withdraw and keep your own counsel.

    It can show breaking with tradition and finding a unique approach to a challenge. You may appreciate a mentor, and when you are ready, as the saying goes, the teacher will appear. Until that time, you have yourself to rely upon, and you do have the answers; all you need is the mental space to connect with your inner wisdom. If you are under pressure to make a decision, the Hermit shows you need more time. There is also a healing aspect to the Hermit, and the card can appear in a reading to show self-healing and healing others.

    You may need to guide others and show them the way forward.

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    Even if you are not entirely sure you can help, you are equipped to do so. Prioritize your tasks and focus on planning rather than immediate action. The card can also show a period of being single. You may be drawn to research and professional development courses now. A mentor may guide you.

    The card can also show accepting a role—perhaps victim or martyr—that you find hard to let go of due to habit or stubbornness. Alternatively, the card can show a time when you are cut off from your usual support systems or have been unfriended by those you trusted. If this chimes for you, go with the upright card meaning and withdraw for a while, relying on your own guidance.

    In some decks, the staff is entwined by a snake, making a single spiral to form the Rod of Asclepius, a signifier for the Greek deity of healing. Its six points comprise two triangles—heaven and earth, or man and God, in unity. The Hermit is depicted differently in many cards. He is shown in cards of the late fifteenth and sixteenth centuries as an old man on crutches.

    In the Tarocchi of Mitelli c. Beside him is a stag, a Christ symbol. There is also evidence that the Hermit was associated with the Roman god Saturn rather than Mercury, ruler of his sign of Virgo. Saturn was an aspect of the Titan god Chronos, who ate his own children because he believed the prophesy that one of them would overthrow him—a grisly way to stop the passage of time. In the Tarocchi of Mantegna c. It seems most likely that Prudence survived in modern decks as Justice see page 79 or possibly the Hanged Man page 78 , but the Hermit may have first crept into the tarot in the Prudence card of the Tarocchi of Mantegna, a deck of fifty instructional cards that may be Florentine or Venetian in origin and date from around Prudence shows both an old bearded man and a young woman with a mirror and a dragon which may have morphed into the snake shown on the Hermit on contemporary decks.

    The virtue of Prudence has survived in the meaning of the Hermit in his Hebrew letter, Yod, and in his meaning of discretion and careful planning. Choose eight cards with your left hand and place them around the Hermit as shown. With The Wheel in motion is destiny at work: Divine law rules.

    In the major arcana sequence, the Wheel of Fortune as card X marks the halfway point in our tarot journey. We now turn from the outward-looking phase, which focuses on our relationship with the external world, to another phase that begins our inner, spiritual journey. We learn the lesson of Justice, are transformed by Death, meet the Angel of Temperance, and then encounter the Devil and the Tower of destruction.

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    After all this, we ascend to the cosmos with the Star, Moon, and Sun, look back on our lives with Judgment, and celebrate our achievements with the World before returning to begin all over again with card 0, The Fool. Read together, these three cards assume the ritual of a spell or cosmic order: We set a singular intention with the Magician, align our wishes with the Wheel of Fortune, and enjoy the outcome with the Sun. The angel and three animals around the wheel, embodied in the sphinx, can also be connected with the four elements and the fixed zodiac signs of Aquarius the angel, element of Air , Taurus bull, Earth , Scorpio eagle, Water , and Leo lion, Fire : They are shown on the Wheel as the primal elements of life.

    On early tarot cards, a youth at the top of the Wheel is shown with one cupped hand. On the Tree of Life, the Wheel is placed on the eleventh pathway between the spheres of Chesed, for law and love, and Netzach, for the forces of nature. Chance meetings, unexpected offers, and news arrive in force. If life has been difficult recently, the Wheel shows a turn for the better. Under this influence, your intuitive powers heighten, and you may find yourself tuning in to people from the past—who magically reappear.

    This is also an auspicious card for communication with family and friends who live some distance away. Additionally, the Wheel reveals psychic ability, either within you or someone close, and a chance to discover all your hidden aspects—both light and dark. Your quest for knowledge is heightened now and, while you cannot control the forces of the universe, you can certainly come to a better understanding of your role within the universe.

    However, you will need to prioritize the demands upon youself and quickly adapt to new challenges. In this way, the simple interpretation of the reversed Wheel is closure. The benefits of the upright Wheel will come—it will just take a little longer to gather momentum and move you forward. On a spiritual level, this card can also show a lack of confidence in your intuitive messages or a false start when choosing a way to spiritually develop.

    Vow to adapt, begin again, and keep on working toward your goal. The wheel is inscribed with the letters t, a, r, and o, which can be arranged as rota, Latin for wheel. The t, a, r, and o can also be arranged as Tora, the visible letters on the scroll of the High Priestess. Waite, the snake is the legendary serpent- monster Typhon. He appears on the card with his head downward to show the negative aspect of fate. Placed on the lower right-hand side of the wheel with his head upright, we sense he travels all the way around the wheel, through life, death, and rebirth, echoing his role as protector of the dead.

    They also symbolize the four elements and, by association, the four suits of the minor arcana. The Carmina Burana, a manuscript of poems dating from the eleventh to thirteenth centuries, later set to music by Carl Orff, contains an illustration of a wheel almost identical in composition to that shown in the very first tarot cards of the Renaissance era. A bearded old man—the Hermit—is crouched under the Wheel. Take the Wheel from your deck and lay it before you. Now take out all the minor arcana cards and arrange them in their suits in four piles.

    Shuffle each pile. Choose the top card from each pile with your left hand and place them as shown. A female figure is seated between two pillars on a ceremonial podium. This is the judge, or the virtue Justice personified, holding the traditional symbols of the law—an upright sword in her right hand and the scales in her left.

    Clad in the red robes of office, her right foot is forward and her pose is alert, as if she is about to pronounce judgment in court. Her vision is clear. The card favors those who are deserving shown by the scales of mercy , but seeks retribution for past wrongs symbolized by the sword of retribution. Justice is delivered through logical procedures and is focused on the mind rather than the emotions—just like the suit of Swords in the minor arcana see page However, there is, perhaps, more to Justice than meets the eye.

    The card design, with a central figure between two pillars, is intentionally similar to those of V, The Hierophant, and II, The High Priestess, suggesting duality and knowledge. Justice is one of the four cardinal, or essential, virtue cards of the tarot. The others are Strength, Temperance, and Prudence.

    The original Prudence card of early tarots has disappeared, but its meaning may be preserved in Justice. An old interpretation of prudence is wisdom, rather than caution—for example, in the conjunct word jurisprudence, the theory and study of law. The number of Justice is XI. If XI is expressed as 11, we have two numbers with the same value, symbolizing balance and fairness.

    In traditional decks of the nineteenth century and earlier, Justice usually swapped places with Strength, number VIII. The VIII also suggests balance, as it comprises two sets of four, which is the number of stability. Lamed means to whip or to goad—to assert authority; its esoteric meaning is fairness. On the Tree of Life, Justice is placed on the thirtieth pathway between the spheres of Tiphareth, for beauty and consciousness, and Geburah, or power.

    This is a time when past errors or imbalances can be redressed. You benefit from a fair system, provided you are accountable, honest, and deserving. Equally, you may be the judge in your own life, using your perspective and integrity to make good decisions that will safeguard your future. You may take a moral stand on an issue that affects you and those around you.

    In legal matters, a decision is made or a ruling given, which goes in your favor; justice will be done and order restored. On a spiritual level, Justice shows the working out of karma, or actions and consequences. Justice shows a logical, considered influence. It is a welcome arrival in your reading if life has felt chaotic. It is a card of empowerment, advising you to take a left-brain approach to take control.

    Influential people favor you now, and your projects get support. Contracts are signed and you can make progress. Lind the right balance between work and relationships. Linancially, you are coming to the end of a frugal period—money matters are set to improve. A decision may go against you, so there may be dishonesty or a miscarriage of justice. You are treated unfairly, which is compounded by bad advice from a trusted individual.

    It is important to find your voice and stay strong to your values—if you are in the right. Like the Ace of Swords, it is held upright see page and signifies success. The weight in the center of the scales resembles a ring through a sword, an ancient Celtic symbol of justice. Crenelated like castle walls, it suggests that justice is part of a civilized society. The square jewel in its center represents order. Both Astea and Themis were personifications of justice in the classical world. In statues depicting them, they raise the scales of justice and point the sword downward, and the goddesses were usually shown without blindfolds.

    Historically, there are few variations on the card design. The Visconti- Sforza Justice cards, painted in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Italy, show the likely figure of Maria Bianca Visconti see page 40 with her scales and upright sword. However, a knight in black armor on a white charger is jumping over the throne, perhaps implying the result—or action—of her ruling; there may be a resonance with the horseman in the Death card see page Choose four cards with your left hand and place them around Justice, as shown. He hangs by one leg yet his expression is beatific, and he has been given a halo.

    What exactly is going on? This tree is in bud and alive with future possibility. Suspended in midair, he is content to wait out his fate. The Hanged Man has numerous possible identities see The Historical Hanged Man ; he may even be Christ himself—we have a halo and a kind of cross, after all. In the Paris Eadwine Psalter, which dates from the twelfth century, Christ is shown upside down on a cross, attended to by angels and two men binding his wrists. The T-shaped cross is also a symbol of salvation and indicated those who suffered through the crucifixion of Christ.

    It is natural to connect at first with the otherworldly situation of the Hanged Man in his happy suspension, rather than his identity. The Hanged Man is not about to die. Rather, he is hanging around until his circumstances change. We had our values on trial in Justice, and now we must hold on until Death, when we can figuratively let go. Death brings transformation, while the Hanged Man prepares to make the sacrifice Death needs so he can move on.

    This may sound rather grim, but Death is ongoing change and transformation, and any big shift requires preparation—and in some cases, the waiting time that the Hanged Man represents. Ruler of the oceans, Neptune links with the element of the card, Water. Also associated with mystical states and the imagination, Neptune indicates the different facets of the card when reversed— the aspect of fantasy and the raised state of consciousness that a period of reflection can bring.

    On the Tree of Life, the Hanged Man is placed on the thirteenth pathway between the spheres of Hod and Geburah, or the logical mind versus power. Hod is also concerned with creativity and insight while Geburah has a violent, destructive aspect. The hanged man is suspended between these two energies, and perhaps he must use his clever mind to balance his frustration as he exists in limbo. The card can also indicate that you may have made sacrifices just now and are eager to see rewards. Unfortunately, you cannot force an outcome that fits with your timetable.

    There are many other factors about which you can have no knowledge or influence. Therefore, you may also expect delays to travel plans and projects. On a creative level, this card can appear frequently when a person is feeling frustrated with their progress. However, the message of the Hanged Man is incubation—your project needs time to evolve. Use this time to develop perspective on your work and your ambitions. Another message from the Hanged Man is to try to see things from a new angle.

    Try to invest your time wisely while you wait—there may be a creative solution. Traditionally, it can also show hanging around for a lover to acknowledge you as a partner rather than friend. With work, decisions may be going on that will affect your position, but you are protected. If you are looking for work, there may be delays and frustration.

    You may need to revise your expectations; what you think you want may not be possible. In the position, the card asks you if you are hanging on to a fantasy that may make you a victim rather than a victor. Take another view and liberate yourself from a contract or other obligation that cannot offer you what you want. Attendolo killed the tyrant Ottobuono Terzo, an opponent of the Pope, but claimed that Pope John had not paid him for his services, so he defected to fight for King Ladislaus of Naples.

    Another possible inspiration for the Hanged Man is the Norse God Odin, who hung from the World Ash tree for nine days and nights and at the end of his ordeal was granted the gift of prophecy. Choose five cards with your left hand and place them as shown. Triumphant with his scythe and hood, sometimes riding a horse, skeletal Death is a reminder of our human frailty. Yet Death is also the bringer of necessary change and is not a sign of the physical death of a person in the present or future. He heralds the end of an era, when what is not needed is taken so the next phase can begin.

    Without him, we could have no clear sight of what might be possible. Death as the reaper brings in the harvest, which is shown by the five ears of corn on his standard, or flag. Whatever is worth having will be saved, but what is irrelevant will be taken. This is the medieval Dance of Death, a common subject in paintings of that era. In the major arcana sequence, Death arrives after card XII, The Hanged Man, a logical progression in that death must be the consequence of hanging, but this is spiritual death and rebirth after a time of contemplation. The card that follows Death is Temperance, when we begin to assimilate our past, present, and future to come to a greater understanding of our potential.

    A sun silhouettes the city: This is both sunset and sunrise, or simultaneous endings and beginnings.

    Predictions Astrology

    Its dates October November 22 mark the period after the harvest when leaves fall and we stock up for the winter. Scorpio is associated with death and sex, dying and creation, just as Death brings an ending before fertile new life with the spring. On the Tree of Life, Death is placed on the fourteenth pathway, between the spheres of Netzach and Tiphareth, or the cycles of nature—rebirth and growth. This a time of fast and deep transformation and an opportunity to let go of whatever you no longer need. You have little control over external events when Death looms, but in time you will be able to see this sharp change in circumstances as a blessing.

    A break with the past—from relationships and friendships to work that is no longer satisfying—is the only way forward. In this sense, Death can be a release and a relief. Death, after all, is the ultimate reality check, and he leaves you with the bare bones, the truth. New circumstances may offer an opportunity to relocate. In friendships, there will be an opportunity to reconnect when the time is right.

    Financially, this is a tough time, but money matters will improve, so hold tight. You may feel anxious and stressed, unable to comprehend what is happening, rather than being accepting. If you do a second reading and ask the question again, this card can appear after you have already had Death upright, as a final confirmation of your question. The rose symbolizes renewal and the corn, the harvest. Death takes his harvest of souls and leaves the grain—the truth of his decision. See the flag of St.

    George on card XX, Judgment. Death is protected by his armor, whereas his chosen ones have no protection from his scythe. They look directly at the figure of Death, their purity protecting them from fear, while the other victims turn away. On the card, the city gates represent the gates of heaven. In Christianity, the boat is an old symbol for Christ and the church. The clear message is that death, just like love, strikes at random. Take Death from your deck and lay him before you. Now shuffle the remaining cards, and cut the deck or fan out the cards facedown.

    Choose two cards with your left hand and place them as shown. He has one foot on a rock and the other in the pool of water, showing the present, conscious mind the rock, or earth , and the past, emotions and the unconscious mind water. A clear path mns from the pool through two mountains and toward a potential future: a luminous rising sun.

    A new horizon or perspective is in sight. The riverbank is lush and verdant, and two yellow irises bloom there, symbols of hope. The angel, by moderating the flow of water in his cups, creates a harmonious flow, a new reality. The angel is Archangel Michael, the protector warrior-angel, who offers us spiritual help and guidance while we strive to pacify or temper volatile forces. Alchemy is at work, suggesting that a little magic may be needed if we are to reconcile all the demands upon us.

    Angels in the tarot are also connected with time. With Temperance, we are dealing with issues of the past, present, and future. With the Lovers, Archangel Raphael calls time on a present decision with future impact; with Judgment, Archangel Gabriel calls time on the past. The archer is sometimes known as the centaur—half-man, half-beast—showing the blending of opposites. The glyph for Sagittarius is the crossed arrow, like that of the archer. It is a symbol of precision, just as Archangel Michael pours the water between goblets at a precise angle so no liquid is spilled.

    Temperance is placed on the Tree of Life on the fifteenth pathway, between the spheres of Yesod and Tiphareth, linking together the qualities of change and salvation. This means choosing neither one nor the other, but blending two opposing forces to create an inspired solution. The card also asks you not to resist, but to accept both sides of a situation and be guided by what feels most natural to you. It is time to reconcile any area of your life that is out of kilter.

    Be hands-on; you can analyze what you might do for eons, but what matters now is action. Temperance also shows you are connecting with your guides and angels. You may be given a sign, such as advice from a friend or even a stranger whom the angels have sent to help you. This may also be the beginning of a spiritual journey for you. In your projects, what you imagine you can create. You may also be inspired by an invention or work of art from the past. Be the diplomat, and you can work a miracle. In money terms, pay extra attention to your income and outgoings.

    This card can also show you struggling with change, and the past dominating your present and future. In this position, difficult old memories can resurface and you feel held back. Try to look at what you need now, in the present. This, said A. Waite, is the symbol of the septenary—the seven principles of man according to nineteenth-century Theosophists. In Temperance, one cup is for the past and one is for the present, and the water running between the two symbolizes the present—what we create from the past and our future expectations.

    The cups also show focus on the task in hand. It is also the alchemical symbol for gold. Early tarot cards of the Renaissance show a woman without wings, and after the s, the woman becomes an angel; the two cups, however, have always been present. Now split the deck into the minor and major arcana and shuffle each pile.

    Choose the first two cards from the minor arcana pile and lay them out as shown, then choose cards 3, 4, and 5 from the major arcana pile. The majors give you a deeper insight into how the situation may be transformed. With an inverted pentacle rising from his third eye, he appears to be the epitome of evil, complete with horns, clawed feet, and batlike wings. He is half-man, half-goat, an archetype with roots in many ancient gods. He may be the faun Pan, god of excess; Satan, son of God gone bad; Baphomet, the dark idol the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping; or perhaps Cernunnos, the horned Pagan deity.

    All are attributed with great virility and sexual power. We are in a dark place here, save for his fiery torch. His right hand raised asserts his control over the two small figures that stand before him. The couple is Adam and Eve, who, banished from paradise, find themselves enslaved and cormpted—they are becoming demons, shown by the tiny horns growing from their heads. Yet when we look closely, we can see that the chains around their necks are not at all tight; if they wished, they could walk away from the Devil altogether. The fruit near Eve reminds us of the Garden of Eden and the forbidden fruit.

    When we do finally turn our back on him, the lesson is profound. We must find a whole new way of living as the Tower—the ego—struck by lightning is destroyed. The Devil is the shadow side of the Lovers, fallen to materialism, greed, and lust. The Devil is also a symbol for other negative behavior patterns, such control, dangerous affairs, and addiction. Saturn was the Roman god of time. Time, like the Devil himself, is traditionally the ultimate enemy of man see The Historical Devil. On the Tree of Life, the card is placed on the sixteenth pathway between the spheres of Hod and Tiphareth.

    What started positively, or even pleasurably, has reversed, and now you are seeing a situation for what it is. This is a destructive situation, and you may be feeling controlled and under a bad influence. This is a card of greed, temptation, and materialism. Yet to change the situation, you will need to think laterally and use a little cunning. The message is to simply walk away, to escape in the best way you can, regardless of the temptation of staying.

    The Devil often arrives in a relationship reading to show lust and negative ways of relating, in that one partner is gaining much more that the other. By extension of this, additional meanings of the Devil are addiction—issues with sex, food, substance abuse, and overall negative thinking patterns. Psychic vampires and generally negative people may drain your energy. You may feel controlled and invaded just now.

    For separated partners, the Devil may show financial dependency or other ongoing money or property issues that keep you tied to the past. When reversed, the Devil suggests the decision you need to make will be easier than you think. When the card is upside down, the chains around the couple are more lax than they appear, so a situation is not quite as drastic as you first thought. Now is the time to make your move.

    In terms of health, a difficult cycle is about to end.