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You must refuse the advice of others, not give money and do not invest in projects. If you want to make savings, the best time is the end of the year. Your financial situation could improve in Money does not have to be kept simply, they have to work. Avoid hurry, hasty decisions. Armed with patience, because you have to expect unexpected expenses. The coming year will bring about a change in the financial situation. Real estate contracts will bring considerable profit.

You do not have to throw money out of the window, spending on passive pleasures or unnecessary purchases.

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Check your financial condition more effectively. You will enjoy financial stability only when you learn to spend correctly. You will not be able to postpone anything, but all you have earned and saved will be spent rationally. You can only relax by the end of the year when you can go on a well-deserved vacation.

Or you can buy a house, a new car. A start of the year quite difficult. You have to work hard and get more money than you spend to avoid financial problems in the future. The worst will be mid-next year. You have to avoid exaggerated spending. In the second part of next year, things are radically changing, and the money will simply come to you. Year will be useless for you in terms of spending money. Beware of hasty decisions under the conditions of the financial crisis.

Do not borrow and invest in dubious projects. All efforts must focus on finding additional sources of income. At the beginning of next year, you need to be more financially minded, so you can later recover the lost time. For the middle of the year, there are a few unpredictable expenses you have not expected.

However, any investment will prove to be particularly advantageous and successful. If everything goes well, at the end of the year you can afford more. Year will be a happy one from a material point of view. You will have luck and success. The money you get will cover all expenses, but you should not forget about earning. However, when you have to let go of your belt and allow yourself small purchases.

A period that favors depositing, but any operation must be done after a long thought. After the very active last years in the coming year , many passions will fade into the background: practicality and realism will come to the first place. This year will give purposefulness to all intentions and inspire actions, and nothing prevents signs from following a straight path. The influence of pigs has a beneficial effect on family life, patriotism and devotion to the ideals that need to be defended.

At the same time, it is a year of unusual change, predicts the website thechinesezodiac. Our views will become more idealistic. A suitable period for accessing genuine values.

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The year ruled by the pig is characterized by good deeds and the restoration of justice. In these months, the weakest and most disadvantaged will feel more protected. The Eastern year calendar and forecasts for it are applicable to those people for whom the issues of social realization, the search for their place and external self-affirmation in society are in the first place. Year of the pig for the Rat is not the most pleasant. Suddenly, a mass of troubles may fall on their heads.

They will receive alarming news, extreme situations on the road are likely. Not everything can be achieved, so it makes sense to relax a little and plan a more distant future, so far only to prepare the ground for future success. You will be too tense this year. You need to learn to relax, and in healthy ways. And all problems and obstacles should be met calmly: be rational.

If you take things philosophically and do not inflate problems, then the year will not be so bad as it was thought at first. You will find peace only if you deal exclusively with your person and do not disperse forces on others. It is not recommended to be seduced by love passions. The problems of this year seem very serious at first glance. But on closer examination, it will turn out to be quite favorable, because the expected troubles will pass by and the path will clear from obstacles. Of course, the restless nature of the Bull will still not be completely satisfied.

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You are essentially realists and rarely live only the joyful hopes of the future. But do not exaggerate the problems, so as not to worsen personal relationships. It is better to find and strengthen common points of contact with loved ones in order to strengthen the alliance. And lonely Bulls can meet their other half. This year is associated with travel, as well as uninvited guests: you need to take care of the security of your home. The background of this year is very good, fate protects you from big troubles.

To succeed, you need to work hard and be full of zeal, always have a full readiness to act. Sometimes you will feel overworked and even lonely, because for a long time they have been burdened by large responsibilities. But still will be accompanied by happiness. A lot will clear up in business, there will be an understanding of your goals and a place in the society to which you aspire. You can seek help from influential individuals who will open many doors.

And thanks to their help you will have time to carry out your plans. But remember that nothing will be given in vain. Success will be when you are fully prepared for any adventure and big things. And what fate brings this year will be given in advance, in the end everything will have to be worked out well. And you also need to pay attention to the family. Good luck accompanies travel, especially distant ones. You have quite a pleasant year, which will not bring much change, but will require some caution.

There will be incomes on which you count, and also old problems will gradually be settled. More attention should be paid to their work, where positions are most vulnerable.

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There may be obstacles from colleagues. To ensure that projects are not on the verge of collapse, take action in advance. But this is not so scary, because a lot depends on you personally. Implementing your own ideas promises to be successful. However, do not rush to share them with others, as someone may try to appropriate them and get around you in business. En novembre. Je n'ai pas d'auto.

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